Company History and Milestones

The Beginning

Mega Equity Securities & Financial Services Public Ltd (HE107374) was incorporated on the 17th of December 1999 as a Public Limited Liability Company under the Cyprus Companies Law cap.113. The Company’s registered office and headquarters are in Nicosia, Cyprus.

The founders and Executive Directors of the Company are well known professionals with many years of experience in the Investment Services sector.

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The Company becomes a member of the Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) and obtains an operating license as a Cypriot Stock Brokerage company.

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The Company obtains its license from the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission (CySEC) as a Cypriot Investment Firm (C.I.F.) under license number 011/03.

Cross Border Investment Services & ASE
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The Company obtains the operating license from the CSE to provide Cross Border Investment Services and becomes a member of the Athens Stock Exchange (ASE)

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The Company becomes a member of the Athens Derivatives Exchange (ADEX).

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The Company becomes member of the XNET network in cooperation with the Athens Stock Exchange that enables member firms to offer competitive and cost-effective direct market access to international stock markets.