Stock Exchange Memberships

Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE)

The Cyprus Stock Exchange was established as a legal entity in the form of a public corporate body under the Cyprus Securities and Stock Exchange Laws and Regulations in 1996.

The Stock Exchange currently operates a Regulated Market and a Market in the form of Multilateral Trading Facility (the ‘Emerging Companies Market’), which operate under the Cyprus Securities and Stock Exchange Law and the Investment Services and Activities and Regulated Markets Law (MIFID). Main participants of the Stock Exchange are the Members of the Stock Exchange (brokerage offices), listed issuers and investors.

Athens Stock Exchange (ASE)

The Athens Exchange is the operator of the regulated securities markets and offers the regulatory framework as well as the infrastructure in order buyers and sellers of transferrable securities to be able to trade in Stocks, Rights, Bonds, Greek Certificates, ETFs, SEPs and Warrants

Athens Derivatives Exchange (ADEX)

The official and regulated Derivatives Market in Greece started operating in 1999. The organization, support and clearing of its transactions is realized by companies which belongs to the Hellenic Exchanges Group.

Investors can realize transactions in Futures and Options in Stock and Indices and REPOS.

XNET Network / International Real-Time Securities Trading

XNET is a network of services (operated by the ATHEX Group) via which, the investor can gain access and safely invest in international markets and numerous instruments in an easy and flexible way through the reliable and cost effective suite of XNET services.

XNET provides to investment services firms and/or banks:

  • The ability to trade in international securities, on a real time basis, through the use of centralized infrastructure at very competitive rates.
  • With the support of corresponding data feed on the relevant prices
  • Offering, at the same time, up to date and reliable custody services through its registry infrastructure on over 4.000 tradable instruments (mainly stocks and ETFs) covering in this way all the developed markets of America (USA and Canada) and Europe (UK-LSE & IOB, Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Finland) plus some more only for settlement and custody (Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa), with over 70 custodians.