Terms and Conditions

The Agreement between the Company and its clients and the procedure to be followed, is governed by the Distance Marketing of Consumer Financial Services Law N.242(I)/2004 implementing the EU directive 2002/65/EC, under which signing the Agreement is not required and the agreement has the same judicial power and establishes the same rights and duties and responsibilities as a regular agreement signed between both parties.

In case a client wishes to have a printed agreement, duly signed and stamped by the Company, the client must send:

  1. 2 signed copies of the Agreement,

  2. copy of the completed Investor Questionnaire,

  3. copy of Identification with signature, and

  4. recent proof of address (i.e. utility bill) to the Company.

Furthermore, the client should state his correspondence address in order for a signed and stamped copy to be sent back to that address.

Required documentation, as stated above, must be received by the Company. The Company will notify the client by e-mail in case additional clarification/documents need to be acquired by the Company or upon approval of the application. The Agreement comes into force, subject to the terms and conditions the client has already agreed to, upon the first funding of the client’s account.